Aranda Eager to Solidify His Baylor Roots in Texas

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WACO, Texas — Baylor Head Coach Dave Aranda has spent his career learning from some of the great minds in college football that have coached both sides of the ball.

He spent three seasons coaching in the Lone Star State at Texas Tech and Houston, and then spent the last three years next door in Louisiana.

“When I think of Texas, I think of the Texas High School Football Coaches Association,” Aranda said. “I think of the strength that lies in a high school student-athlete coming out of Texas and their development and their knowledge, the hard work that goes into going through four years of high school and graduating, winning championships. And so I think that’s a big piece. I think the knowledge I have of the coaches throughout the state is good. We’re going to get it so it’s great.”

As far as what Aranda, a defensive guru, wants to do on offense he has a clear plan and some good weapons to deploy it.

“I’d like for the offense to have the element of putting pressure on the defense at all times,” Aranda Said. “I think the rules in college football allow for advantages on offense, in terms of when the ball can be snapped, and you’re going to the line of scrimmage with a play based upon the look you’re playing and based upon the look you’re changing it, the tempo piece, the ability to run with the quarterback and outnumber the defense. These are all things that we would like to maximize on. The second thing would be that you would like your offense to feature your best players.”

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