PLAY BALL! Collegiate Summer Baseball Invitational Festivities Begin in Bryan

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BRYAN — The Collegiate Summer Baseball Invitational will kick off on Thursday in Bryan, with 100 players coming from all different parts of the country.

The players will be split into four teams and play an NCAA Regional double-elimination style event.

“We’ve Got stud programs,” Tournament Organizer Uri Geva said. “Texas Tech was number four in the country, we’ve got two players [from there]. You’ve got Baylor, West Virginia North Carolina, Wake Forest and Oregon State, I mean powerhouses in the East the West the north and the south, it’s going to be some great baseball.”

The tournament is closed to fans but all games can be streamed, just go to to select your viewing package. You can buy a tournament pass or pay on an individual game basis.

Tournament Organizer Uri Geva said safety on and off the field is a top priority for all involved in this tournament.

“We’ve got people on shuttles coming from Houston and the different airports in Houston so they’ll get tested tonight and tomorrow morning,” he said. Food was delivered to each floor everybody’s quarantining and everybody’s being a good sport about it. It’s a nuisance to them, right? They just want to play baseball, but they all understand the responsibility that they have if we do this right, we could lead the way for all sports to come back.”

Out of the 100 players Geva said about 50% are pitchers to keep from over-use during the course of the three-day tournament.

“We’ll have a lot of pitching rotation,” Geva said. “Even if the guy’s not tired, to protect the arms, to get everybody ready. The other thing that we’re doing is practice. We’ll have two practices tomorrow and two practices on Wednesday to get them back in the game shape.”

As game week begins Geva said there have been some mini celebrations in this process but the big celebration won’t happen until the players return home, the same way they arrived.

“Right now, so a few high fives here and there when you get a first down,” he said. “But the touchdown, or the celebration will be after we win the game which is, once we get to Sunday and everybody’s back home, healthy and safe.”

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