Baylor And Iowa State Are Cut From The Same Cloth

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The two teams look evenly matched entering Saturday's contest

WACO, Texas — Baylor and Iowa State will try to beat each-other on Saturday using a lot of the same schemes and principals.

Both Matt Rhule and Matt Campbell have brought their programs from the bottom of the Big 12 to programs that expect to be in the top half of the conference, by embracing ‘The Process’.

“We talk about process here, but Coach Campbell when he was at Toledo and now at Iowa State, he is a process-oriented coach,” Rhule said on Monday. “And those are dangerous teams because they go out there and control the things they can control and work hard. This Iowa State team, they never beat themselves. They find a way to win the game within the game, and then they are a well-coached team.”

Baylor puts an emphasis on not beating themselves with penalties and turnovers, and facing a team in Iowa State that is so good at both makes the margin for error even smaller.

“Yeah a lot smaller,” Senior Receiver Chris Platt said. “Because they’re the kind of team that is going to capitalize off penalties and turnovers, so we’ve got to minimize that.”

Both Campbell and Rhule want to run the ball and play good defense, but they have quarterbacks in Brock Purdy and Charlie Brewer who can make some game-changing plays when you least expect it.

“Charlie and Brock are both great quarterbacks,” Rhule said. “They both have the ability to move and run. they both basically play with three wideouts and a tight end most of the game. there’s some subtle differences, but there’s a lot of similarities. I think at the end of the day we all want to run the football and protect the football, play good defense and be explosive.”

Getting a chance to see that kind of offense throughout the spring and fall helps Baylor understand exactly what they are preparing for on Saturday.

“We play against that offense all spring,” Senior defensive back Jameson Houston said. “It’s the same thing. they run the same offense, and same defense, so we’re pretty much used to everything they do.”

Iowa State has beat Baylor in each of their last two contests.

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