Baylor Pushing Through the Dog Days of Fall Camp

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WACO, Texas — The Baylor Bears are entering the dog days of fall camp, and things are starting to get a little Chippy for Coach Rhule and company.

Rhule said he had to throw some guys out of practice Tuesday because of a ‘lack of discipline’. But as long as coach Rhule has been around football he knows that’s bound to happen at this point in camp.

“I’m pushing things on them football intelligence wise situationally that, we haven’t pushed on them before, but we’re at the point where we need to,” Rhule said. “Sometimes you just don’t want to have all that on your brain, right? You get decision fatigue, you get studying fatigue, but if you’re going to go eat the training table meals, and you’re gonna wear the gear that we give you then make sure you also studying football so that’s the that’s the grind right now in camp.”

Sophomore Tight End Christoph Henle and his teammates are ready to hit somebody else, but know they can’t be focused on that right now.

“We’ve been hitting each other for so long now,” he said. “And we’re only midway through cam. We can’t wait for the season, but Right now as a team, I think it’s just all about us. We have to focus on our technique, and our assignments.

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