WACO, Texas – Baylor Scott and White is opening a brand new facility this Thursday.

The Ted and Sue Getterman Sports and Orthopedic Center will house Hillcrest Sports Therapy, Southwest Sports Medicine Orthopedics, and it even has it’s own surgical center.

Their old therapy center was around 3,200 square feet, and the new one is almost 14,000 square feet with state-of-the-art equipment.

They have Ultra G zero-gravity treadmills which can make you feel like you’re walking on the moon.

It will be the first therapy center in the country to have a “prodius,” which tracks your range of motion when throwing to assess a treatment plan.

They also have weight-free equipment, as they use compressed air instead.

“We’re the team physicians for Baylor Athletics,” says Cameron Kaufhold, BSW Sports Orthopedic Center Administrative Lead. “I took the Baylor Athletic Training staff through here last week, and being a Baylor grad, playing football at Baylor, I had some pride in being able to show my alma mater how to pick their jaws off the ground a couple times with, ‘Oh, we don’t have this,’ or, ‘We want this.’ We have all that here. Which is not just for college athletes, it’s for the high school athletes we take care of so dearly, the weekend warriors, you know. Really anyone that is rehabing from our orthopedic clinic.”

Be sure to tune in to FOX44 on Thursday night to see our own Mandy Knight demo all the new equipment!