Baylor’s Evan Cooper: ‘Our Babies Have Grown Up’

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Baylor Secondary Continues to Grow in confidence

WACO, Texas — The Baylor secondary will enter this season with a wealth of experience, something they didn’t have when Matt Rhule and Evan Cooper arrived in 2017.

“Our babies have grown up, and hopefully we get to see the hunted we become hunters,” Cornerbacks Coach Evan Cooper said.

The Baylor corners have been picked on tin the first couple of years, but now that they know what to expect Cooper expects to see a jump in their production this year.

“That’s kind of what football is, it’s a cycle,” he said. “You come in, do you don’t really know what you’re doing, we not as strong as you can be and then you grow, and then your mind grows, and then your technique gets better. And then your confidence grows and then you become a good player so hopefully we have a couple of guys who have been through the fire, and know was what to expect.”

One of those corners who knows what to expect is senior Jameson Houston and he has a lot more confidence heading into 2019.

“I feel like my confidence went up a lot,” he said. “Just from my experience. I played a lot of snaps so, and also I’ve got a lot of young guys looking up to me, so I can’t have no bad days.”

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