Brush Back Baseball Season? A&M and Baylor Weigh in on Sliding College Baseball Season Back

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WACO — As the college baseball season approaches the Brazos valley is blanketed with ice and snow, something many of the northern programs deal with on a yearly basis.

Baylor Head Coach Steve Rodriguez said pushing back the college baseball season could work but there are many different aspects to look at when making a decision like that.

“You can try it and just see how it works, and see if it does help,” Rodriguez said. “You’re going into unchartered territory, in regards to staying on campuses throughout the summer, guys not going to summer ball, keeping guys on campus longer — you’re dealing with budget issues.”

As a player Texas A&M senior infielder Will Frizzell is a fan of the current college baseball schedule.

“It’s a lot different for those teams up north I know where they’re having to deal with this kind of stuff way more often than we are,” he said. “I like its cold at the beginning. I like that we start before the big leagues start and we kind of get to watch all the spring training and on usual years you have those guys working out here and you’re getting the pick their brains.”

Rodriguez us wlling to see what would happen with moving the college baseball season back as long as it is in the best interest of the game.

“could it work? absolutely,” he said. “could it not work? maybe. For me, as long as everybody else has to do it, then I’m all about. If it will make our game better than I like the talk of that too.

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