Friendly Voices Lift the Spirits of a Central Texas Man Waiting for Organ Transplants

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WACO, TX — People draw hope from different avenues – and as for Blake Stuard of Central Texas, he’s found comfort in the sports talk radio show UNR on Fox Sports Central Texas/ESPN.

Blake was born with a congenital heart defect – causing his heart to pump the wrong way.

“For those three hours, I can just forget about everything and listen,” Blake Stuard said. “You know Q, and Simmie and Ward, it’s all like one big family.”

“Lil B’ is a guy that’s been listening to the show for a long time,” Q Myers said. “And what I love about Lil B is he tunes in, doesn’t mind sharing stuff about himself. And so, to talk about him needing a transplant, you know, that’s personal. Like, everyone doesn’t want to tell their personal story.”

“I was in the hospital for eleven days in October. And on the third day, they came in and told me that I needed a heart transplant, and I just broke down,” Blake said. “I knew it was coming, but we didn’t expect this soon.”

“It was pretty stressful. We found out one month, not only are we pregnant with one baby, but two,” Meg Stuard said. “And the next month, he’s in the hospital. A couple days later, heart transplant. It’s been a little crazy on top of COVID.”

“There’s other sports talk shows, not do what they do for the listeners,” Blake Stuard said. “They’ll just ignore everything. But this show, it just feels like they’ve known you for years. Even if I didn’t have this going on, it still feels like I can tell them anything.”

Last week, Blake was approved to be on the heart transplant, and he’ll find out tomorrow, the details of his liver transplant. He will not be able to work until he’s fully recovered, which could be well over a year – from when he gets the surgery.

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