WACO, Texas – In the latest issue of Dave Campbell’s Texas Football magazine Texas High School Football Coaches voted Matt Rhule as the second most trustworthy FBS Coach in Texas, right behind TCU’s Gary Patterson.

In just two years, Rhule has made huge inroads with coaches around the State, something he said starts with hiring former Texas High School Football coaches like Shawn Bell, David Wetzel and Joey McGuire.

“First of all, I hired three Texas high school football coaches and they are great friends of mine and great coaches,” Rhule said. “But I think it gave me an idea how, hey, this is how to operate within the state.”

Rhule said he and his coaches try to make as many appearances as they can around the state to meet as many coaches as they can.

“We try to build relationships because at the end of the day the high school coaches in the state of Texas they love two things, football and working with young people,” Rhule said. “And that’s what I love and that’s what Joey McGuire loves and Phil Snow loves and we try to speak at any clinic that we can go to.”

In addition to going to see the coaches and their players, Rhule wants them to come visit Baylor and learn from their staff.

“We have an open door policy that high school coaches in the state of Texas can walk into our offices on a Friday before we play the University of Oklahoma and they can sit there,” he said. “We want people to be around.”