McCarthy Excited to Get to Work with Dallas Offensive Weapons

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FRISCO, Texas — Mike McCarthy was introduced at the Ford Center, in Frisco, on Wednesday speaking to reporters for about 45 minutes.

Many of the questions revolved around McCarthy meshing his offensive ideals with roster cornerstones like Dak Prescott and Zeke Elliott.

McCarthy said that he knows when you have a beast like Zeke you have to feed him.

“With Zeke he’s gonna get the football lets make no mistake about that,” he said. “You have to clearly understand that when you say the offense is gonna make the quarterback successful the best way to make him successful is a great run game. we clearly understand what we have here and how we can build off of that.”

As for the quarterback McCarthy was really impressed seeing him up-close during Dak’s rookie season.

“I recall his rookie year when we played him in Greeb Bay I was impressed with him,” he said. “You’re gonna be able to run the whole offense and then some, our whole offense will be built around making the quarterback successful that’s what I’ve learned and that’s what successful and we have a great one to work with.”

McCarthy will reportedly keep offensive coordinator Kellen Moore on his new staff.

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