WACO — Mason Greer has been around the game of baseball his entire life, growing up as the son of former Texas Ranger, Rusty Greer.

While Mason was born towards the end of Rusty’s career in the big leagues he couldn’t help but be drawn to the game.

“He retired when I was young, but I got to watch him a little bit and watch videos,” Mason said. “So just watching him — and he was obviously a great player so I kind of gravitated toward that.”

Having a dad who played nine years in the Big’s is a nice luxury to have, when it comes to charting a course of your own, to get there.

“I tell him all the time that I’ve been where you’re trying to go. And I can help shorten your learning curve, though, that is a caveat, sometimes because I’m daddy so he don’t always listen,” Rusty said with a laugh.

For Rusty it’s all about helping Mason be the best ball player and teammate he can be.

“Being around my Dad, he’s always talking baseball and trying to, as he says ‘shorten the learning curve’,” Mason said. “So he’s helped me to come out every day and be the best player and best teammate I can be.”

That work ethic instilled in Mason was evident right away for McLennan Head Coach Mitch Thompson who saw Greer hit the ground running as soon as he got to MCC, earning the honor of being a team captain in his first season.

“I said dude you’re really working hard and I appreciate it,” Thompson recalled from a conversation last fall. “I said it’s always great what was some of the better players on your team are the hardest workers on your team.”

Rusty became familiar with Thompson when Mitch was an assistant at Baylor, recruiting players like Max Muncy off Rusty’s D-Bat team in the mid 2000’s. Greer is excited for Mason to spend a year playing and learning under Thompson.

“As much as they practice and play — and it is baseball — you can’t help it get better,” Rusty said. “Then you couple that with the coaching staff they have. I think that’s a that’s a real recipe to be successful in the diamond.”

McLennan is serving as the spring board for Mason to the next level and serving as a perfect example of what Thomspon wants his program to be about.

“He’s always happy,” Thompson said. “He’s showing up every day with a good positive attitude. He’s really looking at this as, ‘This is my opportunity to play to get better to improve and to use this as a springboard’ and that’s what we always preach to guys.”

While Greer is obviously looking to make a jump from MCC he’s looking forward to a full season that hopefully ends with a JUCO World Series title.

“Obviously we want to go to Grand Junction, and that’d be great,” He said. “But I want to just come out here and make good relationships with these guys, have a good season, and learn from these coaches.”

After a slew of postponements and cancellations Greer and MCC will be back in Action on February 18th at the Cleburne tournament. The Highlanders will play their first home game on March 10th at Bosque River Ballpark.