Patterson Happy to Have TCU Legacy, Hodges-Tomlinson, in The Fold

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FORT WORTH, Texas — When TCU Head Coach Gary Patterson arrived in Fort Worth there was a talented Tailback named LaDainian Tomlinson, and now 22 years later Patterson plucked his nephew, Trevius Hodges-Tomlinson out of Waco.

While he’s glad to have a player with LaDainian’s bloodlines in his program, Patterson said he’s in the fold because he can really play football.

“Obviously I’ve been here 22 years so there’s been a lot of kids that have relatives that went to TCU that maybe aren’t as happy because I did not sign their, their nephews, or whatever,” Patterson said. “The thing that’s good for us, he’s a really good football player and he’s a common sense guy, and football is really important to him.”

Patterson looks forward to coaching Trevius and his big play ability, and the family connection is a nice Cherry on top.

“Obviously, to have coached LT back when he started — when we came, he was a sophomore and to have to have Tre in our midst, going through our offseason program and is going to be part of our program for the next four or five years is obviously a lot of fun to me.”

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