Rice Head Coach Mike Bloomgren Has Developed a Friendship With Matt Rhule

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WACO, Texas — Baylor Head Coach Matt Rhule will match wits with Rice Head Coach Mike Bloomgren on Saturday in Houston.

Bloomgren said he and Rhule have developed a friendship since his arrival in Houston. A Friendship that will have to take a back seat on Saturday.

“Coach Rhule has been a great friend and mentor me since I took this job,” he said. “I never do this, I never call head coach the week we’re going to play, but I called him Sunday night he answered on the first ring like he always did. I don’t think he was quite as willing to give me advice this week is some other times he has been, but I hope we’ll go back to being really good friends when this one ends.”

Bloomgren has been so impressed with what Rhule has done at Baylor, he’s tried to implement some of that mentality with his own players.

“He’s just done such a good job building the culture there,” he said. “If you ever hear him talk, you can tell he’s a song of a minister. He is gonna be convicted about what he talks about, it’s hard not to believe him, and be ready to go play for him when you hear him talk. He talks about things that I just believe in so completely talks about like if we don’t train this generation to be mentally tough and to fight through, who will, and the answer is nobody, and that was in his address to high school coaches, he’s just unbelievable as a speaker but he is that rock solid as a man is what I’ve seen.”

Rice and Baylor will kick off at 6:30pm on Saturday night from Rice Stadium in Houston.

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