Will They, Or Won’t They? Texas A&M and Texas Talk Renewing Football Rivalry

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COLLEGE STATION, Texas — The Volley’s continue between Texas A&M’s Jimbo Fisher and Texas’ Tom Herman over the resumption of their rivalry on the football field.

Jimbo Fisher has maintained since he took the job that if it benefit’s Texas A&M to play Texas he’s all for it. Herman has said on multiple occasions that he wants to continue the rivalry, outlining a few of those reasons on Tuesday at Big 12 Media Days.

“We’ve got some really smart people in both universities administration’s we could find a way to, to make that game happen and I think it’d be great for Texas fans,” he said. “We don’t play a historic rival at home anymore ever. We’ve got to drive to Dallas to play our lone remaining historic rival. Then for our players — I’d much rather know that every other year, our longest non conference road game is going to be two hours down the road instead of getting on a plane to Los Angeles to play a night game in Pacific time zone or to Columbus Ohio or Gainesville, Florida.”

Both A&M and Texas have their schedules set for much of the next decade, so any kind of resumption of the gridiron rivalry wouldn’t happen until the 2030’s.

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