WACO, TX — Trenton Rocha is eight years old, and plays baseball for the Mineola Bombers in Texas. Trenton’s Dad, Chris Rocha, put a video on twitter, of an outstanding defensive play, and it went viral, with over 5.3 million views. The video was shared by ESPN SportsCenter, and has been seen all over the world.

“Even in diapers, Trenton was always coming out and wanting to play, wanting to throw the ball,” Chris Rocha said. “And even back then, he had the ability to hit the ball, catch the ball, and he’s always asking me ‘daddy throw the ball, daddy throw the ball’ so it’s just something we’ve always done, as soon as his feet hit the ground.”

Trenton’s team played in a world series tournament in Florida this year, and even though they didn’t win, he’s very proud of his team.

“We held the best team to three runs, and only lost 3-1,” Trenton said. “They were first in the nation, that’s what I mean by good.”