Marques Jones Showing his Elite Traits On and Off the Field


Marques Jones tries to be elite in all areas of his life

WACO, Texas — Baylor senior receiver Marques Jones strives to be elite in all areas of his life on and off the football field.

On top of earning a scholarship and catching the winning touchdown for the Bears in the Texas Bowl, in 2018 Jones was named Baylor’s engineering student of the year.

“Coach Rhule talks about it all the time, we want to be elite at everything we do, on and off the field,” he said. “It’s not fair to me if I slack off in one area of my life, so I’m definitely trying to do the best I can at everything I do.”

Jones representing what Matt Rhule wants his guys to be about on and off the field.

“We don’t want them to compartmentalize their lives and be great at this but not be good at this,” he said. “We want them to learn to compete and strive to be the best they can be in everything that they do. And no one exemplifies that everything counts mentality more than Marques Jones.”

his wide receivers coach Frisman Jackson likes having a guy like Marques in his meeting room.

“Having Marques in the room is huge,” he said. “All the guys in the room know he is the smartest guy in the school. He’s reliable, dependable, he’s never on any lists for anything, he’s always on time. he’s smart as heck. he can play any position on the field for us.”

Jones has left a lasting impact on his teammates his coaches and his university.

“His loyalty, and his humility, are impressive to me,” Rhule said. “If I post something about him, I’m always like hey, what’s your Twitter handle? He doesn’t even have it. He’s just a great teammate, a great person to be around and really makes everyone around him better.”

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