With a large number of Big 12 quarterbacks graduating last year, Baylor has a luxury few Big 12 teams do, that’s a returning QB one.

Brewer the Co-Freshman of the year last year started the last four games of the regular season including Baylor’s only win against Kansas. His head coach Matt Rhule said their isn’t anything specific Brewer needs to improve, he just wants to allow him to absorb the offense but not lose those traits that he showed flashes of at the end of last season.

“The key is to keep Charlie, Charlie,” Rhule said. “[It] is to have him continue to be the guy that’s laughing at me in the huddle, telling me to calm down.  He’s a true freshman telling me to calm down in the middle of a game.  He’s got that to him.  He’s got that “it” factor to him, and keeping that and making sure he grows as a quarterback. With the receivers we have, He needs to grow as a passer while at the same time keeping his energy.”

Rhule said that while Charlie would be the guy if they had to play a game today, he doesn’t feel like naming one guy as the starter so far out is necessary with his team.

While Rhule doesn’t see any immediate holes in Charlie’s game that he needs to shore up, he is glad to see Brewer working on his deep throws to get the Bears offense back where it was a few years ago.

“You go put on the 2013, 2014, 2015 Baylor teams, The one thing that stands out is Bryce and all those guys throwing to Corey Coleman and those guys, he said. “The Ability to throw the ball down the field was special. We feel like we have those kinds of receivers so we feel like we need to get the ball down there. That’s been something I think Charlie’s worked on, this whole offseason and summer. Jalen has a big arm and Gerry has a big arm, so hopefully we can have a deep play threat.”