January 01 2022 12:00 am

McLennan County School Officials Attempt to Save Full Season


WACO, TX – High school football practice kicks off in one week, but that is not the case for McLennan County schools – as they have to wait until September 8th.

However, McLennan County officials are still trying to change the County’s mind, as superintendents met with them on Monday.

“I was not in the meeting,” Shane Anderson said. “Obviously, I’ve spoken with my superintendent since the meeting – basically he said there’s been no change to the order, and they did not feel that the Health Department was budging on that.”

Superintendents exhausted a multitude of angles at the meeting, but it wasn’t enough to change the County’s mind.

“Several superintendents presented their case,” Shane Anderson said. “Then somebody asked, ‘Do you see the order being amended or changed before the 8th?’ And he said ‘No.'”

McLennan County coaches are wearing multiple hats and keeping an upbeat mindset for their players, but understanding how devastating this is to their seniors.

“As a coach you have to be optimistic,” Shane Anderson said. “We’re gonna sell it to the kids saying when we get going, we’re gonna have more tread on the tires. But at the end of the day, when we line up to play Salado out of Bell County in the second district game, and they’re on game seven and we’re on game three, that’s not right. It’s not safe. It’s not healthy. It’s just not how the game was meant to be played.”

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