NFL Scouts Descend on Waco For Baylor Pro Day


Scouts representing 28 different teams were on hand, Tuesday to work out former Bears during Baylor’s annual Pro Day.

Nine different Baylor players participated in some form of today’s workouts or measurements.

Transfers like Jalen Hurd, Derrek Thomas and Jalan McClendan all took part in on-field workouts with all three praising the coaching staff for getting them ready for this day and their NFL future.

“I mean our playbook — we run a straight NFL Playbook,” Senior Jalen Hurd said. “Everything from the In’s-and-outs of our meetings, our strength program, I mean it’s been a great experience.”

Derrek Thomas played for Coach Rhule and members of his coaching staff at Temple before spending his final year with them in Waco, praising their process in both places.

“Everything that they taught us previously prepared us for this moment, prepared me for the combine, prepared me for the next level,” he said. “Being at Baylor prepared me Basque I was able to play higher competition, I was able to go against a ‘Guy’ every week, and every day in practice because we’ve got guys on this field.”

Baylor Head Coach, Matt Rhule has plenty of connections and he wants to make sure that his players are as prepared as anyone when they head into 

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