January 01 2022 12:00 am

Austin’s Rich Beem Remembers 2002 PGA Championship Win


AUSTIN — The week the PGA Championship was supposed to be played, 2002 Champion Rich Beem was in Austin raising money for Golf professionals affected by COVID-19 at the University of Texas Golf Club.

Beem with some fellow professionals played 54 holes to raise money for the golf emergency relief fund. He donated 50 dollars for every birdie made and 100-dollars for every eagle he made during the two day event.

Beem spent some time talking with local media about the event and was asked about his memorable 2002 win at Hazeltine over Tiger Woods.

“I think Tiger said it perfectly, after I won,” Beem said. “[Tiger] said sometimes it helps to be a little naive in a situation like that, And he’s right. I think if I would have known exactly how my life would have changed and what would have come because of that when I may not have performed as well as I did, but in saying that I still went out there I knew what was at stake as far as winning a tournament, and I accomplished it.”

Beem now a golf analyst for Sky Sports said that sometimes he still has to pinch himself when seeing replays from that weekend.

“To go out there and perform that well on and to take down Tiger Woods — who at that time was by far the world’s number one,” he said. “It was simply incredible in fact every time I see a little tidbit of it, I kind of have to shake my head every once in a while going. How did I do that?”

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