Players Helping Fill in the Gaps For Baylor Football


As Matt Rhule’s third spring at Baylor gets under way Rhule has commended his guys for their work in the offseason in the weight room and the class room.

Rhule said the coaches are able to do so much more coaching with these guys, particularly the older ones that have been in the program since these coaches arrived. The older players are also helping the younger guys grasp the system and supplement the coaching.

“It really only works when the older players are starting to coach the younger players,” Rhule said. “If I get up and give a speech to the guys and I’ll say, ‘You understand?’ and they’ll say, ‘yes sir!’ Then I’ll go to another guys and say, ‘do you really understand and he’ll say coach I have no idea, what you’re talking abut.’ So you need to have older players that are mentoring the younger players.”

One of those older players is senior linebacker Clay Johnston, who one had his head spinning trying to figure out Phil Snow’s defense, and now as he sees the young guys struggling with it, he can sympathize.

“We were all there, so it’s no different,” he said. “We were all their shoes and i mean, It’s just about having some empathy , just kid of seeing what their Mindset is and their demeanor towards defense. But they’ll get used to it, its just part of it.

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