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Rhule: Battle Them Between The Whistles


Baylor Head Coach Matt Rhule said Baylor football was embarrassed by the actions of a few of his players during Saturday’s loss to Iowa State.

Baylor defense End Greg Roberts and David Mongomery were ejected during the 3rd quarter of the game for throwing punches at each other. That event was the culmination of some chippiness throughout the game. While there was blame to go around for Both teams, Rhule wants to see his team react better in those situations.

“I told our guys on Saturday before the game, we put ‘What’s next’ on our shirts, we say, ‘what’s next? what’s next? and it’s easy to say, but it’s a lot harder to do,” Rhule said. “If we would have just said, What’s next, on that play, it wouldn’t have happened.”

As far as Iowa State’s role in the brawl coach Rhule said he wants his guys to channel that between the whistles to get the ultimate payback, by beating them.

“We want to be the most aggressive team on the field, but we want to keep it in between the whistles,” he said. “So, to me, if somebody takes a shot at you, I would like for you to just say what’s next and play the next play. But, don’t hit him after the whistle. The next time you have a chance to go play against them, be physical. It’s a game that allows you to be physical. There’re just certain rules. You have to be physical on the field and from snap to whistle. Within then, you can be as physical as you want within reason.”

Greg Roberts will have to miss the first half of Baylor’s game against TCU while Charlie Brewer will not have to miss any time.

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