SEC Athletic Directors Meet In Birmingham to Discuss Next Moves for The Conference

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BIRMINGHAM, AL — For the first time since Mid-March, at the SEC basketball Tournament, the 14 SEC Athletic Directors met in person for a regularly scheduled meeting, in Birmingham.

The feasibility of playing a full football schedule was discussed on Monday and Comissioner Greg Sankey said he remains committed to playing a full schedule but there are many factors at work with that decision.

“We’ll watch what happens in the world around us,” Sankey said. “We need to see some change in the trends we need people to adjust behaviors and our hope is we could compete but there’s certainly no assurance that that can happen right now.”

Sankey also said the SEC is going to wait as long as possible to make the most informed decision for the conference.

“We look at the the end of the month,” Sankey said when asked about a timeline for their decision. “There will be some learning between now and then but that doesn’t mean that decision has to be made. We can look at what we’ve done effectively for over a month support the well being and the health of our student athletes as they return to campus, we can keep doing that.”

The Big 12 and ACC have also reportedly targeted the end of July to make a decision on Football.

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