Silo District Marathon Winners Reflect on the Meaning of the Race


Chip and Joanna Gaines held their second annual Silo District Marathon today.  Mark Pinales had the best time in the men’s half marathon, while Emma Bates took first place for the women’s half marathon.

“This race is kind of a tribute to my late Grandmother,” Mark Pinales said.  “She hasn’t been able to see much of me race, due to health issues, so it was really nice, to what I thought, as to have her with me the whole way.”

“My late Uncle, he just passed away form his long bout with cancer, and so this was very meaningful to me, to come here and run in his honor,” Emma Bates said.  “I wanted to just go out there and think about that, and run for all the people that are going through something like that.”

Joe Whelan came in first place in the men’s full marathon, and Whitney Thornburg Macon finished at the top in the women’s full marathon.  Both Whelan and Macon are heading to the Olympic trials next year, in Atlanta, Georgia.

“Traditionally it’s humid there,” Joe Whelan said.  “So right now, I’m trying to simulate all the effects it’s going to be, I was kind of glad today was humid.”

“I’ve really had a lot of ups and downs in my running career, and I think back to high school, I was not the top recruit or anything like that,” Whitney Thornburg Macon said.  “My high school coach, before graduating, pulled me aside, and said ‘you know, don’t give up, get through college, you can improve, you have the mental drive to get there,’ whether or not at the time felt like I had the physical talent, he said to keep an eye out for the trials.”

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