Mickey: Cowboys season over

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Well, that’s that no winning record for the Dallas Cowboys, no division title, no playoff appearance. And tell you what. There was no joy in the locker room after the Cowboys 47 – 16 victory over the Washington Redskins.

Dak Prescott said after the game that that’s about as disappointed as he’s ever been after a victory and that’s kind of what was taken place with the Dallas Cowboys after this game, they upheld their end of the bargain on Sunday. But the New York Giants fell to the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Eagles finished 9 and 7, the Cowboys 8 8. And they win the NFC East and go on to the playoffs once again. No team has repeated as NFC East champions since 2003 2004.

The Cowboys only had remorse after this game, knowing that they basically were one game short of getting to nine and seven and potentially winning the division title. But as Dak said, that’s on us. We did not do our job this season and now it’s reflective as this team breaks up and we’ll see where everything goes now.

Going forward with the team, with the coaching staff, Jerry Jones said no imminent decision coming up just yet.

For the Silver Star Nation on Mickey Spagnola here at AT&T Stadium.

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