FRISCO, TX (SILVERSTARNATION)— 88 has been a big number for Cowboys receivers for years after many Dallas greats have sported the number.

From Dez Bryant throwing up the X to represent the number after tricky catches to Five time Pro Bowler Michael Irvin. Mickey Spagnola gives his rundown on the fame number and the current Cowboy that displays it.

“Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Ceedee Lamb had a three game stretch earlier in the season when he only caught four passes in each of those games, two of them losses for the Cowboys,” Spagnola said. “But in these past two games, Lamb has caught 19 passes for 265 yards and two touchdowns, and that has caught the eye of another number, 88 Cowboys wide receiver Michael Irvin.”

“You know, we have a group text that we get a group text each other on all of us, 88, you know, Drew Pearson , Dez, me and our Honorable Post Malone,” Michael Irvin said. “Give me the best way to play as it always has been, as it always should be all roads run through Route 88.”

The number 88 continues to be legendary for the Cowboys even in the hands of Lamb.