Soon after NFL owners approved the proposal of allowing players to wear jerseys with the No. 0, I thought of the best nickname without the help of ChatGPT, the artificial intelligence chatbot.

Drum roll, please. … Sub-Zero.

I know, very cool (no pun intended). And because Jaguars wide receiver Calvin Ridley was the first player to claim No. 0, he can have the nickname of Sub-Zero. Just credit me, and more importantly, ‘90s fighting video game Mortal Kombat.

Yes, technically sub-zero is, well, below zero, but just imagine Ridley catching a game-winning touchdown in Kansas City with freezing temperatures during the postseason with that nickname. That’s right, very cool, but if Sub-Zero doesn’t work, here’s what ChatGPT suggested for nicknames:

Zero Hero, Zilch, Nada, The 0-Man, The Cipher, The Empty Set (clever) and Void (a good one for the Saints and their restructured contracts).

But no more nicknames. Let’s take this a step further and suggest one player for every NFL team that should wear No. 0, besides the Jaguars because Ridley already claimed it, and that shows how popular this number will be.

Unfortunately, the league won’t allow offensive and defensive linemen to sport No. 0. Maybe because the owners didn’t want to upset Colorado coach Deion Sanders, who recently went viral for having strict rules on single-digit jersey numbers.

Coach Prime has a point, though. You gotta earn the cold numbers, as the kids say.

O.K., enough dad jokes. Here are 31 other players who should be wearing No. 0 for their respective teams:

Baker is already in the single digits, but a drop to No. 0 could be even cooler for the Arizona safety.

Ron Chenoy/USA TODAY Sports