The Phillies partied hard on Tuesday night after clinching a berth in the playoffs, but no one partied harder than backup catcher Garrett Stubbs. In the clubhouse after the game, Stubbs was seen pounding tequila shots and doing former NBA player Sam Cassell’s signature “big balls” dance, all while wearing powder blue overalls (with one strap undone, of course). 

But Stubbs is the backup catcher, which meant when the Phillies gave several regulars the night off on Wednesday, he found himself in the starting lineup. He showed no ill effects, though. In fact, in the fourth inning he hit his first home run of the season. 

Stubbs clearly enjoyed himself thoroughly the night before. Perhaps a little too thoroughly. Asked how he felt when he woke up in the morning after the festivities, Stubbs told reporters he “felt great, actually. I was probably still a little hammered from the night before.”

He even credited his night of partying for breaking him out of his power drought. 

“All it took was a bunch of champagne, drinking all night and then going out the next day, there it was—a homer,” Stubbs quipped.