Strategy is Vital in Managing Expanded MLB Rosters


WACO, TX – There are certain rule changes this upcoming 2020 MLB season, such as expanded rosters, that could really help a team, if clubs utilize every extra player to the best of their ability. The first two weeks of the season, teams will have a 30 man roster, which is four extra players than usual, when starting a season.

In the third and fourth week, teams will have a 28 man roster, and then a 26 man roster after that. Since there will be extra players on rosters for the first four weeks, there’s a big emphasis on putting the right pieces together, right from the start.

“When you have the luxury of having four extra players basically, and then two extra players for the second half of the month, it does,” Chris Woodward said. “You might keep a guy just for defense, you might keep a guy just to get out specific hitters, there’s a lot of different ways we can look at this, and we’ve looked at it pretty much every way, we’ve had some time off.”

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