A&M’s Bjork Says It’s Too Early to Tell If Football is in Jeopardy

Texas A&M

WACO, Texas — Texas A&M Athletic Director Ross Bjork said it’s too early to tell if the football season will be adversely affected by COVID-19.

“In a lot of cases, we’re all just guessing really, right,” Bjork said. “We don’t know exactly what the data, will tell us, what our health experts will tell us. We can look at what happens on May 1st and June 1st.”

Bjork said right now everything is based on projections, and with the unpredictability of this virus it’s tough to plan anything with any degree of certainty.

“Until you know when you’re starting, or when you can have some togetherness — till you know that, it’s really hard to predict,” he said. “There’s nothing that that I’ve heard that just says hey, that makes you wince or anything, I think it’s the unknown that we all keep running through our heads going ‘okay what if this happens, what if that happens,’ and to me it’s just way too early, at this stage.”

Oklahoma State Head Coach Mike Gundy said on a conference call on Tuesday that he plans to get back to work on May 1st. Bjork was not as caviler and said their experts will be their guide as to when a sense of normalcy can return to college athletics and specifically football.

“The biggest sign that we’ll look for is, have the health experts told us that we’ve reached the peak, that we’re on the downhill slide of the curve,” Bjork said. “Do we have that window out there that we know that we have this virus in the best containable position possible and that it is coming down, and that all this social distancing has worked. To me, that’s the biggest piece of data that we need, and then we can start to model out, return to activity, what the summers look like, things like that.”

Bjork said that no current Texas A&M coaches or athletes have tested positive for COVID-19.

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