Fisher: NIL Won’t Impact 12th Man Selection

Texas A&M

COLLEGE STATION — With the season drawing closer Texas A&M Head football coach Jimbo Fisher said he is closing in on finding a “12th Man” for the 2021 season.

The number 12 is traditionally given to a walk-on every season that embodies the spirit of the Aggie student body and Fisher feels like he has a number of those guys in camp.

“I take it very seriously,” Fisher said. “Our staff takes it very seriously. So we’re weighing that decision. And we’ve got quite a few candidates, we really do. I say candidates — they’re all candidates, but I mean that. They are really making a push for it and doing it. So we’re going to let it sort out. And like I say, let your actions speak so loud, I can’t hear what you’re saying.”

Of course “The 12th Man” is an honor that makes that player into a bit of a celebrity in College Station which could lead to endorsement deals, but Fisher said that would not factor into his decision whatsoever. Jimbo saying this week that the new name, image and likeness rules have not really been an issue during camp.

“It hasn’t been a distraction,” he said. “The thing about the N.I.L it has not been a distraction and some of these guys are having really great success with it, from what I understand. I mean, making a lot of money, I mean, a lot of opportunity. So and that’s what it’s about. I’m very happy for them, but they haven’t let it be a distraction to the team at all.”

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