Jimbo Fisher Learned “Winners Win” From his Dad

Texas A&M

WACO, TX — Sophomore quarterback Zach Calzada, will start his first game for the Aggies on Saturday, and the team looks to build on their comeback win against the Colorado Buffaloes.

Dating back to last season, the Aggies are on a 10-game win streak, and it’s fair to say that Jimbo Fisher isn’t used to playing from behind. However, when that is the case, he remembers the lesson his Dad taught him when he was a kid, when they’d watch football together on TV.

“Watching certain teams in college you liked and didn’t like, and my dad always, I think he would take whoever I didn’t like and pick them just on purpose,” Jimbo Fisher said. “You know, especially if it was a good team or somebody, just to create the competition, the competition in our house was extraordinary, trust me. And I’d be saying, ‘oh, they’re going to get him, they’re going to get him’, and he’d say ‘nah they’re going to come back,’ and I’d say ‘they aren’t gonna come back this time.’ He said ‘always remember something boy, winners win, that is a certain knack that certain people have a knack to understand how to win, and make plays.’ I give our kids credit in these situations of understanding how to go make plays when they got to make plays in the worst situations. So hopefully the culture of what we’re trying to do here is establishing that.”

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