‘Sometimes They Flicker’ A&M’s Fisher Hopes Light Stays on For His Guys After Mississippi State Win

Texas A&M

COLLEGE STATION, Texas — Texas A&M has strung together back-to-back wins for the first time all season after a 49-30 win over Mississippi State on Saturday.

After the Ole Miss game, Head Coach Jimbo Fisher said he felt like his team was close to turning a corner. After seeing the light last week against State Fisher hopes the lights stay on for his guys.

“Just because you played one great game doesn’t mean that light bulb’s on,” Fisher said. “But sometimes they flicker. Hopefully they don’t flicker. Hopefully we keep the juice going. If we learn why…we always say, okay, why did you make mistakes? Why did you play bad? You all want to know that. Well why did we play well? It’s the same thing. As a player, why did we play well? Well, okay, we prepared. Maybe I wasn’t on social media 19 hours a day. I did my work. I did what I was supposed to do. I did my film time. in practice. I had a great mentality in practice. I was really focused and it carried over to the game. So you can repeat it. If you learn why you have successes and failures, then you can either stop them and repeat them like you want.”

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