Texas A&M Players ‘Opting in’ For a Special Opportunity

Texas A&M

COLLEGE STATION — Elijah Blades, Derrick Tucker and James Foster are the only three players to opt out for the 2020 season for the Aggies.

Each have their own reasons for doing so and Jimbo Fisher understands why they are doing so.

“I know [Derrick Tucker] Tuck’s said he’s going to step back and do a lot of things for Black Lives Matter, which is tremendous,” He said. “Because, like I say, there’s things out in the world right now that he thinks are very important and we think are very important and giving him the opportunities to do that.”

Fellow defensive back Elijah Blades also made his announcement this week that he would be opting out in 2020 but plans to return to 2021.

“We expect both those guys back,” Fisher said. “There hasn’t been anything to the contrary to say they wouldn’t be back. We love those guys and we’d love to have them back.”

Players like senior linebacker Buddy Johnson understand and supports his teammates who have opted out but feels those who have opted in are in for something special.

“I think guys on the team are just 100% bought in to everything that Coach Fisher has to offer for us,” he said. “I think guys want to play and guys want to be a part of this. I wouldn’t want to miss this but the guys that did [opt out], they did it for their own reason, and I’m 100% behind the guys that did and I’m 100% behind the guys that didn’t.”

Fisher said he sees that strong bond between the players on this team.

“I think these guys, they care for each other and they know each other and they have a goal and they want it,” He said. “They love A&M. They love being at A&M but I think more importantly they love each other and they want to be supportive of each other and they’re happy that we’re hopefully playing and doing the things we’re doing.”

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