UIL Voluntary Workouts Begin


WACO, TX – UIL high schools allowed athletes back on campus today for voluntary workouts, following strict COVID-19 guidelines. Athletes and coaches across the state, felt an electric spark this morning, knowing football was finally back.

“Drove in with my buddy, picked him up,” Luke Allen said. “We were honking our horns, playing the music as loud as we can, just smiles everywhere, everyone was super excited.”

“I’ve been waiting about two to three months for this,” Brayden Faulkner said. “We’ve been doing virtual workouts online, and we’ve been waiting to get back in the weight room and get back throwing and things like that.”

“I mean it’s fun I love football,” Klyderion Campbell said. “I’d do anything to be able to play football, and to be able to come back out here and workout and have fun with my teammates, it’s great I love it.”

In the dictionary, football is a game, but in reality, it has a profound meaning, in the way it impacts lives.

“It reminds me I know what I’m supposed to do on this earth,” Scott Stewart said. “For the first time in a long time, I put my hands on the steering wheel and I was jacked up, and not that I don’t like being and AD, but those kids are why I got into this business.”

“There’s nothing like Texas football in the summer time,” Taurean York said. “Especially, this is a getaway for a lot of us too, like a lot of people don’t have good home lives or whatever, so this is like a few hours out of their day, they come out here and relax, and enjoy and spend time with the people that they love.”

“You know my kids are grown and out of the house,” Don Hyde said. “So these are my kids, so just having the chance to get back around them is awfully enjoyable.”

“It’s been a blast today, just getting to see the kids again,” Brian Bell said. “Can’t high five them or hug them, trying to stay away from them as much as possible, but it’s been good to see them, they’re working hard.”

“It’s just great to kind of get them back into one area,” Kevin Hoffman said. “Instead of being all spread out all over town, just been visiting with them on text messages, emails, zoom, those types of things, it gets old doing that, so just to get them back to see them was great today.”

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