UMHB Just Keeps on Ticking


UMHB is having another successful season, and are two wins away from clinching their 13th straight American Southwest Conference Title.  The Crusaders have built their foundation on multiple core values, with chemistry at the top of the list.

“The thing that we’ve always tried to do is develop a team with great chemistry,” Pete Fredenburg said.  ” … if you can develop a bond like that with a football team, it’s pretty hard to beat.”

Even though the first string players have been established, quarterback Luke Poorman started on Saturday instead of Jase Hammack, which displays another another core value of the team.

“I want everybody to understand that anybody’s expendable, and we want to make sure everybody is not apathetic and trying to get better.” Pete Fredenburg said.

“Coach has been preaching competition and that competition has really sparked everything for us this week,” Jase Hammack said.

“It’s great competition, it’s what we need, all of us pushing each other and get better, iron sharpens iron, so it’s good,” Markeith Miller said.

The Crusaders strive for excellence, and know there’s always more work to be done, if they want to reach their goals.

“We’re always trying to get better when it comes down to it, it’s all about us, we’re a family moving forward to the big goal of winning a national championship,” Markeith Miller said.

“To get home field advantage in the playoffs we have to basically go undefeated, we have to have the best record so that’s what we’re striving for,” Marquis Duncan said.

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