WACO, TX — UMHB’s home opener against Louisiana College was postponed due to the weather, but they’re back in Belton on Saturday hosting Southwestern.

Last week, the awful conditions in Central Texas caused UMHB to miss about eight practice opportunities. However, last week was more about survival than preparing for a football game.

“It’s amazing with all the things you have to overcome,” Pete Fredenburg said. “You know, so many of our guys, in church yesterday, they said, ‘You talk about resorting back to the caveman. You just needs some warmth, water, and food.’ And that’s kind of the mindset of a lot of our players, because they would go to different places to stay, and so many of them were without power. But then they were without power here. And then when they went off to go home, they encountered the same problem. I joked, ‘What’s next? Locusts?'”

The season has been extended to March 27th, so the Crusaders will have time to make up the practices they missed last week.