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What to Know About 7 on 7 Football


WACO – Thursday marks the opening of the annual State 7 on 7 Championship, a summer passing league, dating back to 1998 designed to feature skill players in a fast paced game.

The most important aspect is in the name, it’s seven players on offense and seven players on defense. They play on a 45-yard field timed by two 20-minute running-clock halves.

The center snaps the ball but is not eligible to catch a pass. On the other side, defensive players can return interceptions for scores. The quarterback must deliver the ball in 4 seconds or the play does not count and the ball is put at the previous line of scrimmage with a loss of down.

In 7 on 7 you must gain 15 yards for a first down, with all possessions starting from the 45 yard line. Both teams play towards the same end zone much like half-court basketball.

There are no pads so there is no tackling, blocking or running the football you just need to touch a player with one hand anywhere on the body to get them down.

After any touchdown teams can elect to go for one point from the three yard-line or go for two from the 10 yard-line.

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