WACO, TX (KWKT) – KWKT (Waco, Temple Killeen area) and KYLE (Bryan, College Station area) has moved to a different frequency On July 3rd at 12 PM (Noon).  If you currently use an antenna to watch TV for free, you will need to re-scan your television set on July 3rd after 12 PM (Noon) to continue to receive these TV channels. Cable and satellite viewers are not affected by any of these changes.  For more information, or if you’re not sure how to rescan, the National Association of Broadcasters has step-by-step instructions on its website.

If you’ve been having trouble getting KWKT FOX44News.com and MyNetwork KYLE signal on your antenna television, you can now rescan and get the signal once again.

KWKT was making changes to its broadcasting transmission tower per Federal Communications Commission guidelines. While work was being done to replace our main antenna, KWKT switched to its auxiliary antenna.

That means you will have to rescan your television. The scan you have to do will be the same scan you did to find channels when you first set up your TV or converter box.

To rescan your TV:

  1. Go to the MENU from the remote. It may say MENU or SETUP.
  2. In the menu look for wording that refers to SCAN CHANNELS or SCAN ANTENNA
  3. Make sure you are scanning the over the air TV channels and not the cable channels. There are two separate scans and will be noted as such.
  4. Depending on the TV it may take a few minutes for the scan.
  5. If after a scan you have lost channels that were there before the scan, disconnect the antenna from the TV and do a scan again without the antenna. After the rescan, reconnect your antenna and rescan a second time. This should restore any lost channels.

For more information go to www.FCC.gov/rescan

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