CENTRAL TEXAS (FOX 44)- Mother nature and man made problems have caused many cities in central Texas to put in place strict drought contingency plans.

Earlier this week the city of Gatesville noticed a leak in the main line at the water treatment plant.

“Repairs were completed at 3:45 Wednesday morning and we began to pump water back into the system. And so we’re in the process of filling up all of our ground storage tanks and transmission lines,” says Gatesville city manger Will Perry.

The boil order notice issued on Tuesday night was a required precaution when the water transmission line is compromised and in anticipation the city of Gatesville would restore service in the middle of the night – most, if not all of the water going in to the tanks now is completely treated and drinkable. Bacteriological samples were taken to Waco Wednesday morning, and the city should know by noon on Thursday if the samples allow us to lift the boil order. 

“The water is safe to use for everything we just recommend because of the remote possibility of bacteria in the water that you boil, you’re drinking water,” says Perry.

Water was out at the Hughes Prison Unit in Gatesville. The Texas Department of Corrections says water tankers, bottled water, ice, and portable toilets were brought in for inmates.

“The system has about 8 million gallons of storage, 13 storage tanks, but it stretches 27 miles from the water treatment plant out to the furthest point in pancake,” says Perry.

The city of Gatesville plans to stay at stage 3 drought contingency plan until the system is fully charged, which can take 24 hours. Then they will revert back to stage one.

After the Brazos River Pump broke on July 13, the city of Marlin went to stage 4 of the drought contingency plan, voluntarily asking residents to conserve water until the the part is fixed. However, according to Marlin Mayor Carolyn Lofton, Marlin residents have not followed the conservation plan.

“We’re not seeing our lake levels rise, they’re actually decreasing. And that tells us that people are not heeding the warning to conserve water like they should,” says Mayor Carolyn Lofton, with the city of Marlin.

FOX 44 news reached out to the City of Marlin asking for updates on the drought contingency plan, Mayor Lofton says Marlin will now go into a mandatory water conservation plan until there is sufficient water.

“So we need people to really take heed to what we’re telling them. We’re trying to pump water in, but even at the right there, we’re pumping. We’re never going to refill that lake,” says Lofton.

Mayor Lofton says they will start enforcing citations to those who violate the water conservation plan.

Any person who violates this The City says that anyone who violates this plan is guilty of a misdemeanor and, upon conviction, shall be punished with a fine not less than $100 and not more than $500.